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Introduction regarding Superfine Ferro Phosphorus

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      With the advancement of ferrophosphorus, ferrophosphorus exposed many shortcomings. It can not totally meet the demands regarding market, then there come out a brand new kind of ferrophosphorus which makes up the shortage about ferrophosphorus. Superfine ferro phosphorus can more meet the demand relating to business, so it has obtained the quick improvement.Superfine ferro phosphorous powder is a type of non-toxic ferrophosphorus powder which is no stink, no smell and then includes great electrical conductivity together with thermal conductivity. The particle size: 500-1200 mesh. Thermal stability: 500 ?? ~ 1500 ??. non-toxic ferro phosphorus powder has advantage concerning anti-corrosion, wear-resisting, strong adhesion which can promote welding qualities regarding zinc-rich coating top quality.lessen zinc spray by welding cutting. The making use of relating to superfine ferro phosphorous powder enhancing the working atmosphere and also the higher labor protection. It is well-known with coating sector and also the use associated with units. Place for the market place for a lot of years.superfine ferro phosphorus can partially replace zinc powder by using coupled with creating related with paint factory in Tianjin, Shanghai, Taiwan.

       Superfine phosphorous powder is commonly used in automobile, ship, container, steel structure production conductive paint, heavy-duty zinc-rich paint. It is ideal substitute for paint sector to lessen fees.Superfine phosphorous powder play important role in each respect. Because the supplement about zinc in zinc - rich paint for welding, uses in automobile and then zinc phosphate manufacturers, inside the early stage associated with the building could be utilized as a welding primer, can also be employed for coil coating, adhesive, sealant, welding, shielding against electromagnetic interference coupled with radio frequency interference resistance to electrostatic electrostatic coating, as additives in the powder metallurgy business.

       Superfine ferro phosphorus powder has following advanges:(1) Superfine ferro phosphorus powder might be used as price efficiency. It might partially replace zinc powder in zinc-rich paintpart 2 Superfine ferro phosphorus powder gives a monolayer or multilayer paint coating welding property. It might be employed as formation of coating, adhesive, sealant inside the early construction coated formation about China Ferro Phosphorus Powder.(3) Superfine ferro phosphorus powder tends to make paint with electrical conductivity and additionally thermal conductivity.(four) Superfine ferro phosphorus powder might be utilised as electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference shielding layer. As a cost efficient, it becomes partial substitution associated with nickel or copper shielding layer(5) Superfine ferro phosphorus powder can lessen the sintering temperature together with raise the pressing efficiency, plus improved wet strength associated with no sintering powder.


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