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Superfine Ferro Phosphorus Powder's Positive aspects

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       Not to mention ApplicationsSuperfine ferro phosphorus powder is ferro phosphorus powder whose granularity comes to 500-1200 mesh. Superfine ferro phosphorus powder is non-toxic ferro phosphorus powder, which can be also odourless and tastelessIn addition, it has nice electrical conductivity and additionally thermal conductivity.

       Specifically, it has ability to be against rust and wear, and also has advantage in strong adhesive force. So, it could increase coating top quality coupled with welding characteristics concerning heavy-duty zinc-rich coatings, which results in lowering the usage degree of zinc rich coating in welding the output for zinc fume, improving job surrounding coupled with putting forward higher labor protection. It win praise from paint sector together with the enterprises who use it.Superfine ferro phosphorus powder, as a kind of non-toxic ferro phosphorus powder, has been launched for many yrs. After the development and also usage associated with paint factory, it could replace zinc powder partly (about 20%-25%). It was far and widely applied in automobile market, the painting for container, funadomari, steel structure production conductive paint together with heavy-duty zinc-rich paint. China Ferro Phosphorus Powder may be the excellent substitution relating to zinc powder in paint market (the cost is decrease than zinc powder by 30%-40%) to decrease the cost plus upgrade.

       In common, superfine ferro phosphorus powder is utilized to provide zinc in zinc-rich paint welding in zinc phosphate manufacturers together with mechanical and production engineering technologies. Inside the early days relating to construction, superfine ferro phosphorus powder can be utilized to weld prime paint, coil coating, binder, sealant. Apart from, superfine ferro phosphorus powder could be applied to weld shielding coating which can be utilised for anti-electromagnetic interference coating not to mention anti-radio-frequency interference coating, anti-static electricity coating and then static electrical energy coating. At last, additionally, it be utilized as additive in powder metallurgy sector. The specific usages just show as following.(1)Coating: It truly is applied to enhance price effectiveness. For instance, it may be a substitution concerning zinc powder in zinc-rich paint (the amount by weight could be 25%).(2)Welding coating: It provides single layer paint or multiple layers relating to paint the skills to weld. Inside the early days about building, superfine ferro phosphorus powder may be employed to weld prime paint, coil coating, binder, sealant.(3)Conductive coating: It enables coating heat-conductive together with electric-conductive.(4)Radio frequency interference together with electromagnetic interference shielding layer: It plays a function as a substitution concerning nickel pigment copper pigment interference layer due to the fact it truly is a high price effectiveness production in anti-electromagnetic interference anti-radio-frequency interference.(5)Superfine ferro phosphorus powder can also be utilized to minimize the sintering temperature, to enhance suppression efficiency and to improve the green strength associated with non-sintered powder.



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