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Nano-silver antibacterial dispersion monomer nano-silver sol

2018-10-18 16:17 View:
Nano silver antibacterial dispersion, monomer nano silver solution, nano silver colloid, here refers to the same product, which is a highly dispersed solution of nano silver particles. Its antibacterial effect is very high, relying on nano-effect sterilization. The antibacterial time is long-lasting and the release rate is controllable.
Based on the production of nano silver powder, we can supply nano silver antibacterial dispersion liquid in batches. The concentration specifications include: 10000PPM (1%), 5000PPM, 2000PPM, 1000PPM, 500PPM, 300PPM and so on. The appearance color is brownish yellow liquid, and the color will vary according to the concentration. As shown in the figure below, it is a 1000PPM nano silver antibacterial dispersion liquid.
The monomer nano silver antibacterial dispersion has a wide range of applications, and the main application areas include:
◎ Daily necessities: It can be used in all kinds of textiles, paper products, soaps, masks and all kinds of scrubbing products.
◎ Chemical building materials: Nano silver can be added to waterborne coatings, paints, solid liquid paraffin, inks, various organic (inorganic) solvents, etc.
◎ Medical and health: medical rubber tube, medical gauze, antibacterial medicine for women's external use and health care products.
◎ Ceramic products: It can produce nano silver antibacterial tableware, sanitary ware and so on.
◎ Plastic products: Nano silver can be added to various plastic products such as PE, PP, PC, PET, ABS to achieve antibacterial function. 

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