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Aluminum Chloride (AlCl3)-Lump

Aluminum Chloride (AlCl3)-Lump

CAS: 7446-70-0
Molecular Formula: AlCl3
Purity: 99.985-99.999%
Products Code: TR131700LP
Specification Model: 3-12mm
Hazardous Class: Class 8
EINECS No.: 231-208-1
UN No.: UN1726
Package Class: PG II
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Aluminium chloride (AlCl3), also known as aluminium trichloride, is the main compound of aluminium and chlorine. It is white, but samples are often contaminated with iron(III) chloride, giving it a yellow color. 

Chemical formula:AlCl3

Molar mass:133.341 g/mol (anhydrous)

241.432 g/mol (hexahydrate)

Appearance:white or pale yellow solid, hygroscopic

Density:2.48 g/cm3 (anhydrous);2.398 g/cm3 (hexahydrate)

Melting point:192.6 °C (378.7 °F; 465.8 K)

(anhydrous);100 °C (212 °F; 373 K)(hexahydrate, dec.)

Boiling point:180 °C (356 °F; 453 K) (sublimes)

Solubility:soluble in hydrogen chloride, ethanol, chloroform, carbon tetrachloride;slightly soluble in benzene

Vapor pressure:133.3 Pa (99 °C);13.3 kPa (151 °C)

Viscosity:0.35 cP (197 °C);0.26 cP (237 °C)

Crystal structure:Monoclinic, mS16




It is used as a catalyst for Friedel-Crafts acylation and alkylation of aromatic compounds. It is one of the most commonly employed Lewis acids for a wide variety of organic transformations. It catalyzes the ene reaction, polymerization, and isomerization reactions. For example, it can be used to synthesis ethyl benzene which is a precursor for producing polystyrene. It can be used for producing dodecylbenzene, a key intermediate for detergents. It is useful in the production of anthroquinone, the presursor for dyestuffs. It is used in the synthesis of bis(arene) metal complexes, through Fischer-Hafner synthesis. Gattermann-Koch reaction employs aluminum chloride for introducing formyl group onto aromatic rings.
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