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Aluminum Copper Alloy (AlCu (99:1 wt%))-Pieces

Aluminum Copper Alloy (AlCu (99:1 wt%))-Pieces

Molecular Formula: AlCu (99:1 wt%)
Purity: 99.999%
Products Code: TR132900PC
Specification Model: 3 - 6 mm
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Aluminum Copper Alloy (AlCu (99:1 wt%))-Pieces introduce:


Aluminum-Copper alloys are hard, with a melting point of 640 ° c, and generally consist of 97% aluminum and 3% copper.

Al-Cu alloy is the earliest diecasted aluminum alloy used in industry. Its main properties are high mechanical properties at room temperature and high temperature, simple casting process, good cutting performance, excellent heat resistance, which is the basis for the development of high strength aluminum alloy containing Cu and various heat resistant alloys.


Aluminum copper aluminum alloy can be made of sheet, profile, forging, wire, bar, pipe, foil, aerospace structural parts, electrode solder, mechanical products, engine piston wheels and so on.

Can replace the expensive copper wire as the wire.
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