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Aluminum hydroxide (Al(OH)3)-Granules

Aluminum hydroxide (Al(OH)3)-Granules

CAS: 21645-51-2
Molecular Formula: Al(OH)3
Purity: 99.99 %-99.995 %
Products Code: TR13080100GN
Specification Model: 1 - 3 mm
EINECS No.: 244-492-7
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Aluminum hydroxide (Al(OH)3)-Granules introduce:



Aluminum hydroxide, chemical formula of Al (OH) 3, is the aluminum hydroxide.Aluminum hydroxide is a kind of amphoteric hydroxide because it can react with acid to produce salt and water and strong base to produce salt and water.It is also called aluminic acid (H3AlO3) because of its acidity.

Chemical formula:Al(OH)3

Molar mass:78.00 g/mol

Appearance:White amorphous powder

Density:2.42 g/cm3, solid

Melting point:300 °C (572 °F; 573 K)

Solubility in water:0.0001 g/100 mL

Solubility product (Ksp):3×10−34

Solubility:soluble in acids and alkalis

Acidity (pKa):>7

Isoelectric point:7.7




As absorbent, in chromatography, manufacturing of glass, paper, inks, ceramics, lubricants, cosmeticsAluminum hydroxide is used as a desiccant powder, filler in paper, plastics, rubber and cosmetics. It is used as a smoke suppressant and mordant dye. It is also used in drugs as antacid and antihyperphosphatemic. It is also used as a Claus catalyst support for waterproof fabrics. It is an important starting material for the preparation of other aluminum compounds, calcined alumina, aluminum sulfate, polyaluminum chloride, zeolites, sodium aluminate, activated alumina and aluminum nitrate. In addition, it is used as a fire retardant.
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