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Ammonium pentaborate tetrahydrate ((NH4)B5O8•4H2O)-Powder

Ammonium pentaborate tetrahydrate ((NH4)B5O8•4H2O)-Powder

CAS: 12046-04-7
Molecular Formula: (NH4)B5O8•4H2O
Purity: 99%
Products Code: TR0708050100UN
Specification Model: -100-325 Mesh
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Ammonium pentaborate tetrahydrate ((NH4)B5O8•4H2O)-Powder introduce:


Ammonium pentaborate is a product resulting from the controlled reaction of ammonia, water and boric acid. It is an alkaline salt and consists of white crystalline granules.

Formula: H4B5NO8•4H2O

Formula weight: 272.15 g/mol(200.09anhy)

Appearance:White Powder

Melting Point: 110° C

Density 1.58g/ml

Sensitivity: Ambient temperatures.

Solubility: Soluble only in water.


Ammonium pentaborate is used in the preparation of both wet and dry electrolytic capacitors, flame proofing, gunning and patching compounds for extending the life of basic refractories. Used in the preparation of special welding, soldering and brazing fluxes for stainless steel or various non-ferrous metals, where alkali borates cannot be used.
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