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Ammonium sulfamate (NH4SO3NH2)- Crystalline

Ammonium sulfamate (NH4SO3NH2)- Crystalline

CAS: 7773-06-0
Molecular Formula: NH4SO3NH2
Purity: 98%
Products Code: TR070116080100CY
Specification Model: -100 Mesh.etc
Hazardous Class: NO
EINECS No.: 231-871-7
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Ammonium sulfamate (NH4SO3NH2)- Crystalline introduce:



Ammonium sulfamate (or ammonium sulphamate) is a white crystalline solid, readily soluble in water.

Chemical formula:H6N2O3S

Molar mass:114.125 g/mol

Appearance:White solid hygroscopic

Density:1.8 g/cm3

Melting point:131 °C (268 °F; 404 K)

Boiling point:160 °C (320 °F; 433 K) (decomposes)

Solubility in water:very soluble

Solubility:soluble in glycerol, glycol, formamide;insoluble in methanol, ether, n-octanol

Acidity (pKa):6




Ammonium sulfamate is applied in water solution or oil-water emulsion as a leaf, or foliar spray for control of woody plants, or it is applied as crystals or concentrated solution to cuts in the bark or on freshly-cut stumps of undesirable trees to prevent resprouting. It is used as a compost accelerator, flame retardant and in industrial processes.
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