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Bismuth Fluoride (BiF3)-Powder

Bismuth Fluoride (BiF3)-Powder

CAS: 7787-61-3
Molecular Formula: BiF3
Purity: 99%
Products Code: TR830900UN
Specification Model: -200 Mesh
Hazardous Class: Class 8
EINECS No.: 232-124-8
UN No.: UN3260
Package Class: PG III
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Bismuth Fluoride (BiF3)-Powder introduce:



Bismuth(III) fluoride or bismuth trifluoride is a chemical compound of bismuth and fluorine. The chemical formula is BiF3.

It occurs in nature as the rare mineral gananite.

Chemical formula:BiF3

Molar mass:265.97550 g/mol

Appearance:grey-white powder

Density:5.32 g cm−3

Melting point:649˚C

Solubility in water:Insoluble in water

Magnetic susceptibility (χ):-61.0·10−6 cm3/mol

Crystal structure:Orthorhombic, oP16




It is used in the manufacturing of bismuth pentafluoride. Bismuth(III) fluoride is an attractive reagent and catalyst in organic synthesis owing to its low cost, and ease of handling. It is also used in polarography.
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