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Bismuth(III) acetate (Bi(OOCCH3)3)-Crystalline

Bismuth(III) acetate (Bi(OOCCH3)3)-Crystalline

CAS: 22306-37-2
Molecular Formula: Bi(OOCCH3)3
Purity: 99-99.99%
Products Code: TR8308060100CY
Specification Model: -100 mesh
EINECS No.: 244-904-5
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Bismuth(III) acetate (Bi(OOCCH3)3)-Crystalline introduce:


Bismuth(III) acetate is an ionic salt composed of positive bismuth ions and negative acetate ions.

Chemical formula:Bi(CH3COO)3

Molar mass:386.112 g/mol

Appearance:White crystals or powder


It is used in biology, printing, in photographic films, textiles, and also in proteomics research.
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