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Calcium metaborate (B2CaO4)-Granules

Calcium metaborate (B2CaO4)-Granules

CAS: 13701-64-9
Molecular Formula: B2CaO4
Purity: 99.992%
Products Code: TR05200800UN
Specification Model: 1-3mm
EINECS No.: 237-224-5
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Calcium metaborate (B2CaO4)-Granules introduce:


Calcium metaborate is a white crystal, slightly soluble in water, soluble in oleic acid, water soluble in alkaline, stimulating the skin and mucous membrane.

Chemical formula:B2CaO4

Formula weight: 125.70 g/mol

Appearance:white crystal


Used for the manufacture of alkali free glass, performance is superior to boric acid, can be tensile strength, increase the resistivity, and reduce the rate of boron volatilization. Can be used as fire coatings, antirust coatings components. Also used in gasoline, diesel and other fuel oil to improve efficiency. Used in lubricating oil to reduce friction, and is the raw material of antifreeze. In addition, it is also used as catalyst, preservative and fungicide in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
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