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Calcium phosphate tribasic (Ca10(OH)2(PO4)6)-Powder

Calcium phosphate tribasic (Ca10(OH)2(PO4)6)-Powder

CAS: 12167-74-7
Molecular Formula: Ca10(OH)2(PO4)6
Purity: 99.0%
Products Code: TR2008011500UN
Specification Model: -325 Mesh.etc
EINECS No.: 235-330-6
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Calcium phosphate tribasic (Ca10(OH)2(PO4)6)-Powder introduce:


Hydroxyapatite, also called hydroxylapatite (HA), is a naturally occurring mineral form of calcium apatite with the formula Ca5(PO4)3(OH), but it is usually written Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2 to denote that the crystal unit cell comprises two entities. Hydroxyapatite is the hydroxyl endmember of the complex apatite group. The OH− ion can be replaced by fluoride, chloride or carbonate, producing fluorapatite or chlorapatite. It crystallizes in the hexagonal crystal system. Pure hydroxyapatite powder is white. Naturally occurring apatites can, however, also have brown, yellow, or green colorations, comparable to the discolorations of dental fluorosis.


Formula mass: 502.31 g/mol

Appearance: Colorless, white, gray, yellow, yellowish green

Specific gravity: 3.14–3.21 (measured), 3.16 (calculated)

Refractive index: nω = 1.651 nε = 1.644

Birefringence: δ = 0.007


Utilized in powdered spices as an anticaking agent and baby powder. It is the starting material for the production of phosphoric acid and fertilizers. Employed in tissue replacement for repairing bony defects and act as drug carrier for drug delivery to the bone.
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