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Cesium Formate (CsHCOO )-Powder

Cesium Formate (CsHCOO )-Powder

CAS: 3495-36-1
Molecular Formula: CsHCOO
Purity: 99.9%
Products Code: TR5501060800UN
Specification Model: -100 mesh
EINECS No.: 222-492-8
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Cesium Formate (CsHCOO )-Powder introduce:


Cesium formate is an organic compound with the chemical formula HCOOCs.It is a white powder easily soluble in water and its solution is alkaline.Cesium formate is monohydrate and anhydrous.

Cesium formate is highly delirious, its aqueous solution is colorless and transparent, and its concentrated solution has a high density, up to 2.2g/cm.


Cesium formate can be used in drilling fluids for petroleum exploration.

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