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Chromium Iron Alloy (CrFe (26:74 wt%))-Powder

Chromium Iron Alloy (CrFe (26:74 wt%))-Powder

Molecular Formula: CrFe (26:74 wt%)
Purity: 99%
Products Code: TR242600UN
Specification Model: - 140 + 325 mesh
UN No.: UN3260
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Chromium Iron Alloy (CrFe (26:74 wt%))-Powder introduce:


An iron alloy consisting mainly of chromium and iron.Iron and steel industry is one of the main alloy agent, in addition to the main component chromium and iron also contains carbon, silicon, sulfur, phosphorus and other impurities.Ferrochrome chromium containing 55% ~ 75%, according to the carbon content is divided into high carbon (4%~10%C), Medium carbon (0.5% ~ 4%C), low carbon (>0.15% ~ 0.5%C) and micro carbon (≤0.15%C) ferrochrome. High carbon ferrochrome also known as carbon ferrochrome, medium, low and micro carbon ferrochrome also known as refined ferrochrome.A kind of high carbon ferrochrome produced by chromium ore with low chromite ratio, containing Cr 50% ~ 55%, is called charge grade ferrochrome, there is also nitrogenous ferrochrome containing N2% ~ 10% as a nitrogen alloy agent, also known as nitrogenous ferrochrome.


Adding chromium to steel can significantly improve the oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of steel.Chromium is found in many steels with special physicochemical properties.Chromium in steel is added with ferrochrome.High carbon ferrochrome is used as alloy agent for ball steel (0.5% ~ 1.45%Cr), tool steel, die steel (5% ~ 12%Cr) and high speed steel (3.8% ~ 4.4%Cr), which can improve the hardenability of steel, increase the wear resistance and hardness of steel.Adding chromium to cast iron can improve hardness and wear resistance.High carbon ferrochrome and burden grade ferrochrome are widely used as burden for smelting stainless steel (AOD or VOD method) to reduce production cost.Medium and low carbon ferrochrome is used in the production of medium and low carbon structural steel, carbon steel, the manufacture of gear, high pressure blower blades, valves, etc.Micro-carbon ferrochrome is used to produce stainless steel, acid-resistant steel, heat-resistant steel and electrothermal alloy.
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