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Chromium Nitride (II) (Cr2N)-Sputtering Target

Chromium Nitride (II) (Cr2N)-Sputtering Target

Molecular Formula: Cr2N
Purity: 99.5%
Products Code: TR240701ST
Specification Model: 3 inch dia x 0.125 inch th.etc
EINECS No.: 235-002-2
CAS: 12053-27-9
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Chromium Nitride (II) (Cr2N)-Sputtering Target introduce:


Chromium nitride is a chemical compound of chromium and nitrogen with the formula CrN. It is very hard, and is extremely resistant to corrosion. It is an interstitial compound, with nitrogen atoms occupying the octahedral holes in the chromium lattice

Chemical formula:CrN

Molar mass:66.003 g/mol

Appearance:Black powder

Density:5.9 g/cm3 

Melting point:1770 ˚C (decomp.)

Solubility in water:Insoluble


CrN is used as a coating material for corrosion resistance and in metal forming and plastic moulding applications. CrN is often used on medical implants and tools. CrN is also a valuable component in advanced multicomponent coating systems, such as CrAlN, for hard, wear-resistant applications on cutting tools.
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