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Chromium silicon monoxide (Cr:SiO; 60:40 wt%)-Piece

Chromium silicon monoxide (Cr:SiO; 60:40 wt%)-Piece

CAS: 70320-14-8
Molecular Formula: Cr:SiO; 60:40 wt%
Purity: 99.85%
Products Code: TR24140801PC
Specification Model: 1-3mm
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Chromium silicon monoxide (Cr:SiO; 60:40 wt%)-Piece introduce:


Chromium silicon monoxide, is an excellent thin film resistors for integrated circuits.

Chemical formula:CrSiO

Molecular Weight 96.08g/mol

Appearance Brown solid


Chromium silicon monoxide is used for vacuum deposition. Significantly used as resistor,a relationship between film structure and electrical conductivity of mixture of chromium and silicon monoxide was found for film compositions which were almost metallic to almost insulating. Chromium-silicon monoxide cermet films Commercially available 70 %-30 % Cr-SiO pellets were deposited on glass substrates by flash evaporation, anticipating a chromium island structure in an SiO matrix which would enhance film stability.
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