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Cobalt Boride (Co2B-Co3B)-Powder

Cobalt Boride (Co2B-Co3B)-Powder

CAS: 12619-68-0
Molecular Formula: Co2B-Co3B
Purity: 99%
Products Code: TR270500UN
Specification Model: -10mesh
EINECS No.: 235-722-7
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Cobalt Boride (Co2B-Co3B)-Powder introduce:


Cobalt borides are inorganic compounds with the general formula CoxBy.The two main cobalt borides CoB and Co2B. These are refractory materials.

Store in a cool, dry condition in a well-sealed container. Keep container tightly sealed. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents.


Cobalt boride is a compound with excellent oxidation resistance. It is used in coating the surface of the metal parts with high corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It acts as a catalyst in the hydrogen storage and fuel cell technology. It involves as a catalyst in ammonia decomposition.
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