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Cobalt Chrome Aluminum Yttrium Alloy (Co-Cr-Al-Y)-Powder

Cobalt Chrome Aluminum Yttrium Alloy (Co-Cr-Al-Y)-Powder

Molecular Formula: Co-Cr-Al-Y
Purity: ≥98%
Products Code: TRFMTS06082
Specification Model: -270+400mesh
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Cobalt Chrome Aluminum Yttrium Alloy (Co-Cr-Al-Y)-Powder introduce:

Trunnano mainly produces various specifications of the nickel base alloy powder, cobalt base alloy powder, iron base alloy powder, laser, plasma ceramic alloy powder, stainless steel alloy powder spraying powder, copper alloy, copper, aluminum powder, aluminum powder spraying alloy powder, pure tungsten powder, cobalt powder, pure nickel powder, pure copper powder, pure tin powder, stainless steel powder, thermal spray welding wire, welding rod, and many other varieties specifications, mainly used for thermal spraying (welding), 3D printing, plasma spraying, supersonic spraying welding, flame spray welding, metallurgy, catalyst, magnetic materials, and other products.


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