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Cobalt Iron Vanadium (Co-Fe-V (49/49/2 wt%))-Aggregate/Lump

Cobalt Iron Vanadium (Co-Fe-V (49/49/2 wt%))-Aggregate/Lump

Molecular Formula: Co-Fe-V (49/49/2 wt%)
Purity: 99.95%
Products Code: TR27262300LP
Specification Model: 3 - 20 mm
Hazardous Class: Class 4.1
UN No.: UN3089
Package Class: PG III
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Cobalt Iron Vanadium (Co-Fe-V (49/49/2 wt%))-Aggregate/Lump introduce:


Iron-cobalt-vanadium alloy refers to the Fe - Co - V permanent mag-netie alloy, which contains 52% cobalt, 9% - 23% vanadium, and the rest is iron.

The alloy is y - phase austenite with face - centered cubic at high temperature.With the increase of vanadium content, the lower phase of quenching residue in the alloy increased and presented a two-phase state (a+y) at room temperature.After cold processing with a deformation of more than 80%, almost all the 7 phases were transformed into a phase.Finally, after tempering near 600 'C, the uniformly dispersed lower phase was precipitated from the a phase, resulting in coercivity H.Significantly increased.
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