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Cobalt-Iron alloy (CoFe (70:30 at%))-Sputtering Target

Cobalt-Iron alloy (CoFe (70:30 at%))-Sputtering Target

Molecular Formula: CoFe (70:30 at%)
Purity: 99.9%-99.95 %
Products Code: TR272602ST
Specification Model: 33 mm dia x 1 mm th.etc
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Cobalt-Iron alloy (CoFe (70:30 at%))-Sputtering Target introduce:


Iron and cobalt alloys containing about 50% cobalt are soft magnetic materials.In order to improve the processing performance, 1.4 ~ 1.8% vanadium (V) is usually added, so it is also known as iron cobalt vanadium soft magnetic alloy.It has extremely high saturation flux density Bs(2.4t) and Curie temperature (980 ~ 1100℃), so it is suitable for the production of light weight, small volume, high operating temperature of aviation electrical appliances (micro-motors, electromagnets, relays, etc.).It also has a large saturation magnetostriction coefficient s and can be used to make a magnetostrictive transducer.


Compared with iron and nickel alloy, its processing performance is poor, easy to oxidation, low resistivity, high frequency loss, so it is not suitable for high frequency work;Because of the high cost, it is mainly used for torque motor rotor, electromagnet pole head, eardrum vibration sheet, power transformer, magnetostrictive transducer and so on.The soft magnetic alloy composed of 49% iron, 49% cobalt and 2% vanadium can be processed into a small ring core with an outer diameter of about 1mm, which can be used as the magnetic core of rectangular loop and used for relays.
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