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Hafnium(IV) sulfate (Hf(SO4)2)-Powder

Hafnium(IV) sulfate (Hf(SO4)2)-Powder

CAS: 15823-43-5
Molecular Formula: Hf(SO4)2
Purity: 99.9%
Products Code: TR72160800UN
Specification Model: -325 Mesh.etc
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Hafnium(IV) sulfate (Hf(SO4)2)-Powder introduce:


Hafnium Sulfate is a moderately water and acid soluble Hafnium source for uses compatible with sulfates.

Chemical formula: Hf(SO4)2

Molecular Weight: 276.57g/mol

Appearance: White

Boiling Point: 330 °C (626 °F)

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