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Indium Arsenide (InAs)-Granules

Indium Arsenide (InAs)-Granules

CAS: 1303-11-3
Molecular Formula: InAs
Purity: 99.99%-99.999 %
Products Code: TR493300GN
Specification Model: 3 mm - 6 mm
Hazardous Class: Class 6.1
EINECS No.: 215-115-3
UN No.: UN1557
Package Class: PG III
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Indium Arsenide (InAs)-Granules introduce:


Indium arsenide, InAs, or indium monoarsenide, is a semiconductor composed of indium and arsenic. It has the appearance of grey cubic crystals with a melting point of 942 °C.

Chemical formula:InAs

Molar mass:189.740 g/mol

Density:5.67 g/cm3

Melting point:942 °C (1,728 °F; 1,215 K)

Band gap:0.354 eV (300 K)

Electron mobility:40000 cm2/(V*s)

Thermal conductivity:0.27 W/(cm*K) (300 K)

Refractive index (nD):3.51

Crystal structure:Zinc Blende


Indium arsenide is used for construction of infrared detectors, for the wavelength range of 1–3.8 µm. The detectors are usually photovoltaic photodiodes. Cryogenically cooled detectors have lower noise, but InAs detectors can be used in higher-power applications at room temperature as well. Indium arsenide is also used for making of diode lasers.
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