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Indium Palladium (InPd (80:20 wt%))-Pieces

Indium Palladium (InPd (80:20 wt%))-Pieces

Molecular Formula: InPd (80:20 wt%)
Purity: 99.99%
Products Code: TR494600PC
Specification Model: 3 - 6 mm
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Indium Palladium (InPd (80:20 wt%))-Pieces introduce:


Indium alloy is generally divided into binary alloy, ternary alloy and multicomponent alloy, generally indium alloy as the main body, its melting temperature is relatively low, mainly used as some low melting point alloy or solder;Some of the alloy indium content is very small, indium in which the main role of metamorphism or modification, such as improving the strength of nonferrous metal alloy, improve its ductility, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, change the color of precious metals.

The main indium alloys are: bearing alloys, ferromagnetic alloys, memory alloys, decorative alloys, dental and gemstone alloys.
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