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Indium(III) nitrate hydrate (In(NO3)3•xH2O)-Powder

Indium(III) nitrate hydrate (In(NO3)3•xH2O)-Powder

CAS: 207398-97-8
Molecular Formula: In(NO3)3*xH2O
Purity: 99.99%
Products Code: TR490708010800UN
Specification Model: -325 Mesh.etc
Hazardous Class: Class 5.1
EINECS No.: 237-393-5
UN No.: UN1477
Package Class: PG III
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Indium(III) nitrate hydrate (In(NO3)3•xH2O)-Powder introduce:


Indium(III) nitrateUsed for electroplating indium.

Chemical formula: In(NO3)3•xH2O

Formula weight: 300.83g/mol(anhy)

Appearance: White crystals

Melting Point: 100°C -H2O

Boiling Point: 83°C 

Sensitivity: Hygroscopic. Ambient temperatures.

Solubility: Soluble in water, methanol and ethanol.


Indium(III) nitrate hydrate acts as an oxidizing agent. It is used in the manufacture of coordinated polymer films which are used in the preparation of indium(III) oxide nanoparticles. It is used in the synthesis of other indium complexes.
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