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Iron Boride (FeB)-Powder

Iron Boride (FeB)-Powder

CAS: 12006-84-7
Molecular Formula: FeB
Purity: 98%
Products Code: TR260500UN
Specification Model: - 325 mesh
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Iron Boride (FeB)-Powder introduce:


Iron boride refers to various inorganic compounds with the formula FexBy. Two main iron borides are FeB and Fe2B. Some iron borides possess useful properties such as magnetism, electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and extreme hardness. Some iron borides have found use as hardening coatings for iron. Iron borides have properties of ceramics such as high hardness, and properties of metal properties, such as thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. Boride coatings on iron are superior mechanical, frictional, and anti-corrosive. Iron monoboride (FeB) is a grey powder that is insoluble in water. FeB is harder than Fe2B, but is more brittle and more easily fractured upon impact.
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