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Iron Nitride (FexN (x=2-4))-Powder

Iron Nitride (FexN (x=2-4))-Powder

CAS: 37245-77-5
Molecular Formula: FexN (x=2-4)
Purity: 99.5%
Products Code: TR260700UN
Specification Model: -325 Mesh
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Iron Nitride (FexN (x=2-4))-Powder introduce:


Iron nitrides are inorganic chemical compounds of iron and nitrogen.Iron has five nitrides observed at ambient conditions, Fe2N, Fe3N4, Fe4N, Fe7N3 and Fe16N2. They are crystalline, metallic solids. Group 7 and group 8 transition metals form nitrides that decompose at relatively low temperatures - iron nitride, Fe2N decomposes under loss of molecular nitrogen at around 400 °C and formation of lower-nitrogen content iron nitrides.They are insoluble in water. 

Chemical formula:FexN

Molecular Weight:Varies

Appearance:Gray powder

Solubility in H2O:Insoluble


Iron nitride is used in the synthesis of ammonia and carbon nanofibers. It is involved in the creation of ferrofluids, a liquid rocket fuel. It finds applications in making the strongest naturally magnetic material.
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