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Lead(II) acetate (Pb(OOCCH3)2•2Pb(OH)2)-Powder

Lead(II) acetate (Pb(OOCCH3)2•2Pb(OH)2)-Powder

CAS: 1335-32-6
Molecular Formula: Pb(OOCCH3)2•2Pb(OH)2
Purity: 98%-99.99%
Products Code: TR8208060101UN
Specification Model: -325 Mesh.etc
Hazardous Class: Class 6.1
EINECS No.: 215-630-3
UN No.: UN1616
Package Class: PGIII
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Lead(II) acetate (Pb(OOCCH3)2•2Pb(OH)2)-Powder introduce:



The basic lead acetate is a white heavy powder, soluble in water. Insoluble in alcohols. After absorbing carbon dioxide from the air, it is insoluble in water. When acetic acid is encountered, lead acetate is formed and decomposed into lead oxide at high temperature. Poisonous.

Chemical formula:C4H6O4Pb•2Pb(OH)2

Formula weight: 807.72 g/mol

Melting Point: 75℃

Boiling Point: 117.1°C

Appearance: White powder

Soluble in water. Insoluble in alcohol




Lead(II) acetate is used in the production of sweeteners, cosmetics, astringent, used in the cleaning and maintenance of stainless steel firearm suppressors (silencers) and compensators, and also used in making of slow matches.
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