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Magnesium citrate, dibasic hydrate (MgO7C6H6•xH2O)-Powder

Magnesium citrate, dibasic hydrate (MgO7C6H6•xH2O)-Powder

CAS: 119851-23-9
Molecular Formula: MgO7C6H6•xH2O
Purity: 99%-99.99%
Products Code: TR1206080100UN
Specification Model: -100-325 Mesh
EINECS No.: 231-923-9
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Magnesium citrate, dibasic hydrate (MgO7C6H6•xH2O)-Powder introduce:



Magnesium citrate is a magnesium preparation in salt form with citric acid in a 1:1 ratio (1 magnesium atom per citrate molecule). The name "magnesium citrate" is ambiguous and sometimes may refer to other salts such as trimagnesium citrate which has a magnesium:citrate ratio of 3:2.

Chemical formula:C6H6MgO7

Molar mass:214.412 g/mol

Appearance:White powder or granules

Solubility in water:20 g/100ml




Magnesium citrate is used to clean stool from the intestines before surgery. It is also used as a laxative for relief of constipation.
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