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Neodymium Oxide (Nd2O3)-Granules

Neodymium Oxide (Nd2O3)-Granules

CAS: 1313-97-9
Molecular Formula: Nd2O3
Purity: 99.9 %-99.999 %
Products Code: TR600800GN
Specification Model: 3 mm - 12 mm
EINECS No.: 215-214-1
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Neodymium Oxide (Nd2O3)-Granules introduce:


Neodymium(III) oxide or neodymium sesquioxide is the chemical compound composed of neodymium and oxygen with the formula Nd2O3. It forms very light grayish-blue hexagonal crystals.

Chemical formula:Nd2O3

Molar mass: 336.48 g/mol

Appearance: light bluish gray hexagonal crystals

Density: 7.24 g/cm3

Melting point: 2,233 °C (4,051 °F; 2,506 K)

Boiling point: 3,760 °C (6,800 °F; 4,030 K)

Solubility in water:.0003 g/100 mL (75 °C)

Magnetic susceptibility (χ):+10,200.0·10−6 cm3/mol

Crystal structure:Hexagonal, hP5


Neodymium(III) oxide is used to dope glass, including sunglasses, to make solid-state lasers, and to color glasses and enamels. Neodymium-doped glass turns purple due to the absorbance of yellow and green light, and is used in welding goggles. Some neodymium-doped glass is dichroic; that is, it changes color depending on the lighting. One kind of glass named for the mineral alexandrite appears blue in sunlight and red in artificial light. About 7000 tonnes of neodymium(III) oxide are produced worldwide each year. Neodymium(III) oxide is also used as a polymerization catalyst.
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