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Nickel Sulfide (Ni3S2)-Pieces

Nickel Sulfide (Ni3S2)-Pieces

CAS: 12035-72-2
Molecular Formula: Ni3S2
Purity: 99.9%
Products Code: TR281601UN
Specification Model: -200 Mesh
Hazardous Class: Class 9
EINECS No.: 234-829-6
UN No.: UN3077
Package Class: PGIII
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Nickel Sulfide (Ni3S2)-Pieces introduce:



Nickel sulfide is an inorganic compound with the formula Ni3S2

Chemical formula:Ni3S2

Molecular Weight:240.2

Appearance:black solid


Density:5.87 g/cm3

Melting point:797 °C (1,467 °F; 1,070 K)

Boiling point:1454 °C 

Solubility in water:insoluble

Solubility:soluble in nitric acid




It's used in In glass manufacturing
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