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Niobium Nickel (Nb65Ni)-Ingot

Niobium Nickel (Nb65Ni)-Ingot

Molecular Formula: Nb65Ni
Purity: 99.95%-99.99 %
Products Code: TR412800IG
Specification Model: 50 mm dia x 50 mm long.etc
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Niobium Nickel (Nb65Ni)-Ingot introduce:


A heavy nonferrous material consisting of nickel as a base and other alloying elements.Nickel-based alloys are very important alloy materials, which are typical of nickel-chromium alloy, nickel-iron alloy, nickel-chromium alloy, cu-nickel alloy, ti-nickel alloy and so on.

Nickel alloys for heavy nonferrous materials mainly include nickel alloys for electric vacuum, nickel alloys for thermocouples, monel alloys, nickel beryllium alloys and nickel base catalyst alloys for synthetic diamond.

Nickel alloy ingot or casting is mainly produced by vacuum casting.The ingot is first rolled, extruded or forged, then rolled or stretched after an intermediate heat treatment, and finally machined into the desired finished product.Some nickel-based superalloys are used directly with castings or in powder metallurgy to make the required parts.


Nickel alloys are mainly used in electronic, chemical, mechanical, medical, energy development and navigation, aviation and aerospace sectors.
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