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Niobium(IV) oxide (NbO2)-Powder

Niobium(IV) oxide (NbO2)-Powder

CAS: 12034-59-2
Molecular Formula: NbO2
Purity: 99%
Products Code: TR410801UN
Specification Model: -100mesh-325mesh
EINECS No.: 234-809-7
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Niobium(IV) oxide (NbO2)-Powder introduce:


Niobium dioxide, is the chemical compound with the formula NbO2. It is a bluish black non-stoichiometric solid with a composition range of NbO1.94-NbO2.09 It can be prepared by reacting Nb2O5 with H2 at 800–1350 °C.

Chemical formula:NbO2

Molar mass:124.91 g/mol

Appearance:bluish black

Melting point:1,915 °C (3,479 °F; 2,188 K)

Crystal structure:Tetragonal, tI96


Niobium(IV) oxide is used as a reducing agent, which reduces carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide to carbon and sulfur respectively. It finds application in dielectric material for electronic capacitors. It is also used for manufacturing metal niobium metal, in optical glass and in electronic industry.
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