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Potassium perchlorate (KClO4)-Powder

Potassium perchlorate (KClO4)-Powder

CAS: 7778-74-7
Molecular Formula: KClO4
Purity: 99%
Products Code: TR19170800UN
Specification Model: -325 Mesh
Hazardous Class: Class 5.1
EINECS No.: 231-912-9
UN No.: UN1489
Package Class: PG II
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Potassium perchlorate (KClO4)-Powder introduce:



Potassium perchlorate is the inorganic salt with the chemical formula KClO4. Like other perchlorates, this salt is a strong oxidizer although it usually reacts very slowly with organic substances. This, usually obtained as a colorless, crystalline solid

Chemical formula:KClO4

Molar mass:138.55 g/mol

Appearance:colourless/ white crystalline powder

Density:2.5239 g/cm3

Melting point:610 °C (1,130 °F; 883 K);decomposes from 400 °C

Solubility in water:0.76 g/100 mL (0 °C);1.5 g/100 mL (25 °C);4.76 g/100 mL (40 °C);21.08 g/100 mL (100 °C)

Solubility product (Ksp):1.05·10−2

Solubility:negligible in alcohol;insoluble in ether

Solubility in ethanol:47 mg/kg (0 °C);120 mg/kg (25 °C)

Solubility in acetone:1.6 g/kg

Solubility in ethyl acetate:15 mg/kg

Refractive index (nD):1.4724

Crystal structure:Rhombohedral




Potassium perchlorate is used in ammunition percussion caps, explosive primers, fireworks and propellants. It acts as a solid rocket propellant. It is also used as an oxidizer in colored pyrotechnic compositions and flash powder. It is used as an antithyroid and involved in the treatment of hyperthyroidism. The mixture of anthracene and sulfur with potassium perchlorate is used for generating black smoke signaling.
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