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Rhenium Dioxide (ReO2)-Powder

Rhenium Dioxide (ReO2)-Powder

CAS: 12036-09-8
Molecular Formula: ReO2
Purity: 99.9 %-99.99 %
Products Code: TR750800UN
Specification Model: - 100 mesh,- 50 mesh
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Rhenium Dioxide (ReO2)-Powder introduce:


Rhenium(IV) oxide or rhenium dioxide is the inorganic compound with the formula ReO2. This gray to black crystalline solid is a laboratory reagent that can be used as a catalyst. It adopts the rutile structure.

Chemical formula:ReO2

Molar mass:218.206 g/mol

Appearance:gray orthorhombic crystals

Density:11.4 g/cm3

Melting point:decomposes at 1000 °C

Solubility in water:insoluble

Solubility in alkali:insoluble

Magnetic susceptibility (χ):+44.0·10−6 cm3/mol

Crystal structure:Orthorohmbic, oP12


In addition to metal tungsten, yellow tungsten trioxide can also be used as a pigment in ceramics and coatings.Tungsten trioxide is also used in the infrared contactless window control system.
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