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Rhenium Metal (Re)-Sputtering Target

Rhenium Metal (Re)-Sputtering Target

CAS: 7440-15-5
Molecular Formula: Re
Purity: 99.95 %-99.99%
Products Code: TR7500ST
Specification Model: 4 inch dia x 0.25 inch th.etc
Hazardous Class: Class 4.1
UN No.: UN3089
Package Class: PGIII
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Rhenium Metal (Re)-Sputtering Target introduce:


Rhenium is a chemical element with the symbol Re and atomic number 75. It is a silvery-gray, heavy, third-row transition metal in group 7 of the periodic table. 

Phase at STP:solid


Melting point:3459 K (3186 °C, 5767 °F)

Boiling point:5903 K (5630 °C, 10,170 °F)

Density (near r.t.):21.02 g/cm3

when liquid (at m.p.):18.9 g/cm3

Heat of fusion:60.43 kJ/mol

Heat of vaporization:704 kJ/mol

Molar heat capacity:25.48 J/(mol·K)


Rhenium is added to high-temperature superalloys that are used to make jet engine parts, using 70% of the worldwide rhenium production. Another major application is in platinum–rhenium catalysts, which are primarily used in making lead-free, high-octane gasoline.
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