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Rhodium (III) bromide trihydrate (RhBr3•xH2O)-Crystalline

Rhodium (III) bromide trihydrate (RhBr3•xH2O)-Crystalline

CAS: 123333-87-9
Molecular Formula: RhBr3•xH2O
Purity: 99.9%
Products Code: TR4535010800CY
Specification Model: -100 Mesh
EINECS No.: 239-687-9
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Rhodium (III) bromide trihydrate (RhBr3•xH2O)-Crystalline introduce:


Rhodium Bromide Hydrate is a highly water soluble crystalline Rhodium source for uses compatible with Bromides and lower (acidic) pH. 

Formula: RhBr3•xH2O

Formula weight: 342.62(anhy)

Sensitivity: Hygroscopic. Ambient temperatures.

Form: Crystalline


Rhodium(III) bromide hydrate is used to prepare coordination complex, trans-dibromotetrakis(pyridine)rhodium(III) bromide hexahydrate. It is also involved in the preparation of rhodium nanoparticles.
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