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Tin(II) pyrophosphate (Sn2P2O7)-Powder

Tin(II) pyrophosphate (Sn2P2O7)-Powder

CAS: 15578-26-4
Molecular Formula: Sn2P2O7
Purity: 99-99.9%
Products Code: TR50150800UN
Specification Model: -100-325 Mesh
Hazardous Class: NO
EINECS No.: 239-635-5
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Tin(II) pyrophosphate (Sn2P2O7)-Powder introduce:


Tin (II) pyrophosphate,White crystal or amorphous powder. Density 4.009g/cm (16℃). Stable to air. Used for tin plating, toothpaste filler, refined clay, improve paint performance.

Chemical formula:Sn2P2O7

Formula weight: 411.32g/mol

Melting Point: 400°C

Density 4.009g/ml

Appearance: White powder

Sensitivity: Ambient temperatures.

Solubility: Insoluble in water.




Tin(II) pyrophosphate is used to inhibit the formation of volatile sulfur compounds. Further, it is used for cyanide-free tin coating.
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