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Titanium Pentoxide (Ti3O5)-Piece

Titanium Pentoxide (Ti3O5)-Piece

CAS: 12065-65-5
Molecular Formula: Ti3O5
Purity: 99.9%
Products Code: TR220803PC
Specification Model: 3-10mm
Hazardous Class: NO
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Titanium Pentoxide (Ti3O5)-Piece introduce:



Titanium pentoxide is a kind of chemicals.

Chemical formula: Ti3O5

Appearance:blue-black powder, metallic luster.

Oxygen content 62.3% ~ 64.3%(atoms).

Rhombic structure with lattice constant constant =0.3747nm.

Density:4.29 g/cm3.

Melting point is 2180 ℃.




Nanocrystalline titanium oxide electrodes is useful for photo voltaic applications. It plays an important role as photocatalyst under visible light radiation. Treated titanium oxide nanotubes play a significant part in the development of nano-scale hydroxy apatite. It is too utilized as catalysts.
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