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Ytterbium(III) Bromide Hydrate (YbBr3•xH2O)-Lump

Ytterbium(III) Bromide Hydrate (YbBr3•xH2O)-Lump

CAS: 226944-34-9
Molecular Formula: YbBr3•xH2O
Purity: 99.99%
Products Code: TR7035010800LP
Specification Model: 1-3mm
Hazardous Class: NO
EINECS No.: 237-350-0
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Ytterbium(III) Bromide Hydrate (YbBr3•xH2O)-Lump introduce:



Ytterbium Bromide Hydrate is a highly water soluble crystalline Ytterbium source for uses compatible with Bromides and lower (acidic) pH.

Chemical formula:YbBr3•xH2O

Molar mass:412.77 g/mol (Anhydrous)

Appearance: White pellets

Melting point:300 °C(lit.)




Ytterbium(III) bromide is used in the preparation of other ytterbium compounds.
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