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Yttrium Iron Oxide (YIG) (Y3Fe5O12)-Powder

Yttrium Iron Oxide (YIG) (Y3Fe5O12)-Powder

CAS: 12063-56-8
Molecular Formula: Y3Fe5O12
Purity: 99.9%
Products Code: TR39260800UN
Specification Model: 200 - 1000 nm
EINECS No.: 235-053-0
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Yttrium Iron Oxide (YIG) (Y3Fe5O12)-Powder introduce:


Yttrium iron garnet (YIG) is a kind of synthetic garnet, with chemical composition Y3Fe2(FeO4)3, or Y3Fe5O12. It is a ferrimagnetic material with a Curie temperature of 560 K.

Formula: Y3Fe2(FeO4)3 or Y3Fe5O12

Formula mass: 737.94

Color: Green

Density: 5.11 g/cm3


YIG is used in microwave, acoustic, optical, and magneto-optical applications, e.g. microwave YIG filters, or acoustic transmitters and transducers. It is transparent for light wavelengths over 600 nm. It also finds use in solid-state lasers in Faraday rotators, in data storage, and in various nonlinear optics applications.
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