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Zinc Oxide (ZnO)-Sputtering Target

Zinc Oxide (ZnO)-Sputtering Target

CAS: 1314-13-2
Molecular Formula: ZnO
Purity: 99.99 %- 99.999 %
Products Code: TR300800ST
Specification Model: 2 inch dia x 0.5 inch th.etc
EINECS No.: 215-222-5
UN No.: UN3077
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Zinc Oxide (ZnO)-Sputtering Target introduce:


Zinc oxide is an oxide of zinc, insoluble in water, soluble in acid and strong base. It is white solid, so also known as white. It can be obtained by burning zinc or calcined sphalerite (zinc sulfide). In nature, zinc oxide is the main component of red zinc ore. Zinc oxide is a wide-band gap semiconductor material with a band gap of about 3.3ev at room temperature and exciton binding energy up to 60meV, which is expected to replace GaN as the material for uv LD and LED. It has important applications in the field of optoelectronics.

Chemical formula:ZnO

Molar mass:81.4084 g·mol-1

Appearance:White solid

Density:5.606 g/cm3

Melting point:1975 °C

Solubility in water:0.0004 g/100 mL (17.8 °C)

Band gap:3.37 eV

Refractive index (nD):2.0041


Zinc oxide powder has many USES.Most of the applications are to use the reactivity of zinc oxide to prepare other zinc compounds.In terms of material, because the zinc oxide has high refractive index, good thermal conductivity, antibacterial and ultraviolet resistant properties, it is often added to various kinds of materials and products, including plastic, ceramic, glass, cement, rubber, lubricants, ointment, adhesives, paint filler materials, pigment, food, battery, ferrite materials and flame retardant materials, etc.
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