3D Printing Metal Powder

Different Processes of Powder 3d Printing

2023-04-02 03:40:03  Knowledge

powder 3d printing is the process of making objects with powdered materials using a variety of techniques. There are many types of powdered materials that can be used in this type of 3d printing technology including metals, ceramics, plastics and more.

Different Processes of powder 3d printing

Selective Laser Sintering – or SLS – is the most popular form of powder 3d printing. In this method, a laser melts the powder material layer-by-layer, creating an entire part.

Binder jetting – or BJF – is another powder-based 3d printing technique. The first layer of powder is elevated off of a powder stock, and a roller/re-coater applies a thin coating of binder adhesive to it. This process is repeated until each of the X-Y layers have been printed.

This type of 3d printing method is also known as Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and is one of the most common methods for making plastic parts. It is also a highly versatile process, as it can produce a large range of materials and can be used to create intricate, custom shapes. This process is also less expensive than other additive manufacturing methods and can produce solid or hollow parts depending on the powder and binder that is used.