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3D Printing Metal Material with Excellent Performance - Titanium Alloy (Ti6Al4V)

2022-05-19 14:07:00  News

What is Titanium Alloy?

Titanium alloys are alloys based on titanium with other elements added. Titanium alloy has the characteristics of high strength, good corrosion resistance and high heat resistance.

TC4 (Ti6Al4V) alloy is a medium strength α-β type two-phase titanium alloy containing 6% α-stabilizing element AI and 4% β-stabilizing element V. This alloy has excellent comprehensive properties and has obtained the most extensive applications in the aviation and aerospace industries. The long-term working temperature of the alloy can reach 400 ℃. In the aviation industry, it is mainly used to manufacture the fan and compressor disks and blades of the engine, as well as the important load-bearing components such as beams, joints and bulkheads in the aircraft structure.

Titanium alloy properties

As a kind of high-strength lightweight corrosion-resistant structural materials, titanium and titanium alloys have low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance, non-toxic and non-magnetic, low thermal conductivity, weldability, good biocompatibility, and surface Good decorative properties.

TC4 (Ti6Al4V) titanium alloy is heated below 430 ℃ for a long time to form a very thin and protective oxide film. As the heating temperature increases, the oxide film thickens and its protection becomes poor. After the alloy was heated at 700 °C for 2 h, the oxide film thickness reached 25 μrn. Heating at temperatures above 800°C forms a sparse oxide layer. After heating at 1000 °C for 1 h, the thickness of the oxide layer reached 0.65 mm.

Application of Ti6Al4V

Because of its excellent properties, it is widely used in aviation, aerospace, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, light industry, electric power, seawater desalination, marine engineering, ships and ships, construction, electronics, mechanical equipment, electroplating equipment, sporting goods, watches and clocks , glasses, jewelry, environmental protection, medical treatment, it is known as a modern metal.


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