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Application Of 3D Printing Metal Lightweight Material-aluminum Alloy AlSi10Mg Powder In The Automotive Field

2020-09-10 15:42:50  News

There are three main ways to realize lightweight: one is the optimization design and application of materials; the second is the optimization design of product structure; the third is the development and application of advanced manufacturing technology. The three complement each other to realize the lightweight manufacturing of the final product. Among them, the optimized design of product structure and the optimized design of materials have extensive research and development space.


Lightweight materials can be used to reduce the weight of product and improve the overall performances of the product. Materials lightweight refer to the method of achieving weight reduction by using lightweight metal and non-metal materials on the premise of meeting mechanical performance requirements. In the current lightweight materials, steel still maintains a dominant position. Even the proportion of steel materials decreases year by year. The ratio of materials such as aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, magnesium alloys, engineering plastics, and composite materials is gradually increasing. These materials are incredibly widely used in automobile manufacturing, and the focus of our discussion is also in this field.

The most common alloy materials in automobiles are aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy. Among them, aluminum alloy is the most widely used and common automotive lightweight material at this stage. Studies have shown that aluminum alloy can be used up to 540kg in a vehicle. In this case, the weight of the car will be reduced by 40%. The aluminum body is a good example.


At present, the types of aluminum-based alloy 3D printing metal materials mainly include AlSi10Mg powder, AlSi7Mg powder, AlSi12 powder, etc., among which AlSi10Mg almost occupies the absolute mainstream. Because the mechanical properties of AlSi series alloys are not high and cannot meet the high-strength requirements, the high-strength aluminum alloys currently developed include Airbus’s Scalmalloy, British foundry company Aeromet International’s A20X, Kmpass’s AlMgSc series, and so on.

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