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Application of Nitinol Shape Memory Alloy in Medical Devices

2021-05-07 14:13:56  News

Due to its unique superelasticity and shape memory effects, as well as excellent biocompatibility and suitable elastic modulus, Nitinol is widely used in cardiac, cerebrovascular and peripheral vascular devices. Cardiovascular devices include vascular stents and heart valves And occluder, etc. Nitinol is also widely used in non-vascular stents, orthodontics, repair instruments (orthodontic wires and root canal files, etc.), orthopedic fracture fixation instruments, surgical robots and other minimally invasive instruments.


In recent years, a variety of nickel-titanium alloy medical devices have been put on the market through special review procedures for innovative medical devices, including interventional biological heart valves, left atrial appendage occluder systems, branched aortic stent grafts and delivery systems, and abdominal aortic grafts Stent system, vascular reconstruction device, and cerebral thrombus removal device, etc.

Currently, the medical devices on the market include artificial heart valves, ceramic membrane atrial septal defect occluders, hydrophilic coated guide wires, aortic stent graft systems, thoracic aortic stent graft systems, etc. Imported medical devices include porous chambers. Septal defect occluder, self-expanding venous stent, peripheral self-expanding stent system and endovascular stent graft system, etc. Nickel-titanium memory alloy is mainly used for vascular stent frame, heart valve holder, occluder fixing plate, support net, lock wire, etc.


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