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How Much Do You Know about the Price of Stainless Steel Powder Metallurgy

2021-05-10 14:18:30  News

In recent years, with the continuous development of the powder metallurgy industry, stainless steel powder metallurgy has become more and more popular in the market. However, how much do you know about the price of stainless steel powder metallurgy? Commonly used stainless steel powder metallurgy grades are 304, 316, 420, of which , According to the price starting from the cheapest, it should be 420-304-316. Many stainless steel powder metallurgy products cannot be formed at one time, and post-processing may be required, such as drilling and tapping, finishing, turning, etc. These are all evaluated according to the required post-processing procedures. Of course, when powder metallurgy evaluates the quotation, it will discuss with the customer whether certain processing can be cancelled to achieve the purpose of reducing costs.


The powder metallurgy process is suitable for mass production, and the fixed cost is higher. Therefore, the larger the single batch purchase, the lower the cost. That’s all about the price of stainless steel powder metallurgy. When we choose stainless steel powder metallurgy products, we should not focus on the price. If the quality cannot be guaranteed and there is a problem, the lost mold fee is still a trivial matter. The loss incurred by the delay in production should be Will be bigger. Tongrun company is a powder metallurgy manufacturer specializing in powder metallurgy processing, powder metallurgy gears, planetary gear reducers, high-precision powder metallurgy parts production. It can provide small modulus precision powder metallurgy gears, powder metallurgy parts processing, automotive parts powder metallurgy, stainless steel Parts powder metallurgy, powder metallurgy manufacturer of stainless steel.


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