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Medical Applications of Nitinol

2023-01-27 05:50:03  News

Nitinol is a shape memory alloy that is used in a variety of applications. It is widely used in high precision medical components and devices.

Nitinol has a shape memory effect that allows it to return to its original shape when heated. This effect provides great force control.

The material is commonly used in self-expanding stents. Stents are scaffold-like structures that support blood vessels. They are also used in orthopedic procedures.

Nitinol is an ideal material for creating stents. As an alternative to stainless steel, nitinol has a great deal of flexibility. That flexibility is ideal for medical devices that need to be placed in tight spaces.

Another medical device that utilizes nitinol is the Homer Mammalok needle/wire localizer. It can be repeated dozens of times without deforming the wire.

Another application of nitinol is in surgical tools with a bend. These tools can be introduced through a rigid tube and then straightened out when they are removed from the cannula.

Nitinol is extremely resistant to high frequencies and vibrations. This ability to handle natural frequencies and vibrations has led to its use as a dampening material.

Another common Nitinol application is in dental instruments. Unlike stainless steel, nitinol retains its shape when released from the fixture. Therefore, it is possible to activate a variable resistor by pressing a nitinol wire.

Medical applications of nitinol include dental crowns, bridges, sports equipment, underwire bras, and headphone bands. Nitinol is also used in many everyday items.

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