3D Printing Metal Powder

Metal Powder for 3D Printing

2023-01-10 02:40:04  News

Metal powder is one of the most important components of 3D printing. It is used as the stock material for 3D printers. It is available in different properties that are appropriate for various applications.

Some common metal powders are nickel alloy, aluminum, iron, and steel. The price depends on the purity and quantity of the metal powder. In addition, the purchase volume also affects the price.

The main process for manufacturing metal powder is atomization. The most common method of atomization is gas atomization. Another process is centrifugal atomization. These two methods can produce the same size of metal powder. However, the atomization method is the most widely used for mass production.

The granulating method can produce the powder smaller than atomized metal powder. After dehydration, the powder can be separated using calibrated mechanical sieve devices. The final separation can take place by neutralization. This process eliminates conglomerated impurities.

For high performance metal implements, the grain size of the metal powder is important. A low oxygen content is also important. Hence, a very fine particle size is required. Also, the powder must be spherical to provide good flow.

A submicron order metal powder is used in metal 3D printing. The average diameter of the grain is usually 10-50 microns. The metal powder can be prepared from a slurry by centrifugal spray granulator.

There are many other properties that are important to consider when preparing metal powder. One of the most important is oxidation resistance. Besides, the powder must be free from ceramic inclusions.

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