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Properties and Uses of 3D Metal Printing Powder Aluminum-based AlSi10Mg Powder

2020-09-24 10:14:03  News

AlSi10Mg is a cast aluminum alloy. Cast aluminum alloy has good manufacturability, low density, and good corrosion resistance, so its castings are widely used in aviation, instrumentation, and general machinery, such as the automobile engine and Air manifold's cylinder head, piston, wheel hub, steering booster housing, etc.

Casting aluminum alloy is an aluminum alloy filled with molten metal to obtain various parts. It has the advantages of low density, high specific strength, good corrosion resistance and casting processability, and less restricted by the structural design of components. It is divided into Al-Si and Al-Si-Mg-Cu-based medium-strength alloys; Al-Cu-based high-strength alloys; Al-Mg-based corrosion-resistant alloys; Al-Re-based thermal strength alloys. Most of them need heat treatment to strengthen the alloy powder, eliminating the internal stress of the casting, stabilizing the structure and the size of the parts. It is used to manufacture beams, gas turbine blades, pump bodies, pylons, hubs, intake lips and engine casings. It is also used in manufacture automobile cylinder heads, gearboxes and pistons, instrument housings, and turbocharger pump bodies.

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The casting process directly obtains the aluminum alloy used for the critical parts. It must have ideal castability: good fluidity, small shrinkage, hot cracking and cold cracking tendency, little segregation and gas absorption. The cast aluminum alloy's element content is generally higher than that of corresponding deformed aluminum alloy, and most alloys are close to eutectic composition. Besides, a research institution also proposed a sustainable, intelligent additive manufacturing technology driven by big data analysis. It used SLM technology to manufacture AlSi10Mg aluminum alloy pump impellers in additive manufacturing companies to verify it.

In the past ten years, additive manufacturing (AM, 3D printing) has been very rapid. The advantages of reducing the waste of materials and resources and eliminating the need for special tooling have been achieved in energy-saving and clean energy—every potential application. Finally, an application scheme in the additive manufacturing process is proposed to verify the proposed framework's effectiveness. The proposed framework is used in the initial design phase of the product life cycle. This is because the resources available for reference are minimal. An example of using AM technology to manufacture AlSi10Mg aluminum alloy parts is to demonstrate the correctness of this framework. Sex. The results show that the product's energy consumption and the quality of the work can be fully controlled, which is beneficial to intelligent and sustainable additive manufacturing, reducing emissions, and achieving cleaner production.

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