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The Influence of Magnetic Field-assisted Wire Material Additive Manufacturing on the Structure and Properties of In625 Superalloy

2021-05-17 15:09:05  News

Magnetic field assisted wire additive manufacturing of In625 superalloy was used to study the influence of magnetic field on the microstructure and performance. The mechanism of the influence of magnetic field on the microstructure was discussed. The application of magnetic field can improve the mechanical properties of wire additive manufacturing of 625 alloy.


Most nickel-based superalloy parts have complex structures and very high manufacturing costs. WAAM manufacturing technology can manufacture parts with complex structures at a lower cost, so the In625 superalloy can be manufactured by WAAM technology. However, due to the high heat input and complex heat transfer and mass transfer, the use of WAAM technology to manufacture IN625 often leads to a decrease in product quality, such as cracks or poor roughness. At the same time, a large number of alloying elements in In625 alloy, such as Nb, Cr, Mo can improve its performance through solid solution strengthening during solidification. These elements also increase the solid-liquid two-phase temperature range during solidification. The increase in temperature deteriorates the degree of enriched elements, such as Nb and Mo elements, resulting in the formation of unfavorable phases such as (Ni, Fe) 2 (Nb, Mo, Cr, Ti), which will seriously affect the properties of the alloy. Therefore, the key to improving the WAAM process is to overcome the above-mentioned problems, so that In625 alloy with better performance can be manufactured.

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Because of its high deposition efficiency, low cost and flexible manufacturing, wire material for additive manufacturing has been widely used in the manufacturing of In 625 superalloy. However, higher heat input and severe element segregation occurred during the additive manufacturing process, which reduced the quality of the formed In625 alloy and reduced its service performance. Here, a magnetic field is used to assist in the process of additive manufacturing of In625 from cold metal transition wires to change its microstructure. The influence of the magnetic field on the microstructure and mechanical properties of CMT-WAAM (Cold Metal Transition-Wire Additive Manufacturing) was studied.

The results show that the stirring effect of the magnetic field plays a role in the grain refinement during the deposition process; the convection caused by the magnetic field promotes the diffusion of elements, such as Nb and Mo, in the molten pool, thereby inhibiting the segregation of elements. The mechanical properties of In625 alloy deposited with magnetic field assisted deposition showed that the microhardness increased, the yield strength increased by about 13%, and the ultimate tensile strength and toughness increased. Based on the above work, it is very obvious that the applied magnetic field in the CMT-WAAM process refines the dendrites, suppresses element segregation, and effectively improves the performance of the deposited IN625 alloy.


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